TIBCO DataSynapse GridServer® is a service execution platform for dynamically scaling any application at any time. Processes run in its virtual environment while it performs allocation of backend, clustered resources.

By distributing application workload across a grid of shared system and data resources, the TIBCO DataSynapse GridServer supplies a service execution platform that drives new levels of business performance. It manages the execution of services to meet service levels and cost structures. And it can help you significantly improve productivity, performance, and uptime – without rewriting code or re-factoring system architecture. It can also help reduce cost and complexity when used to support migrating to a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

GridServer can manage multiple applications that include MathWorks parallel computing products, and it provides global administration, including seamless integration with authorization frameworks and role-based security policies that help protect application integrity.


  • Go Faster: Improve application performance 25 to 50 times, as measured by response time and throughput benchmarks.
  • Increase Resilience and Reliability: Ensure recovery and migration in the event of a system error, with guaranteed task execution and mechanisms shown to reduce application failure rates by up to 90 percent or more.
  • Speed Development and Deployment: Use a standards-based, flexible and intuitive programming model that supports a wide variety of clients that can be quickly grid enabled, including Java, .NET, SOAP, C++, and binary executables.
  • Gain Service-Oriented Control: Provide global management of services, and administrative control of operational parameters, including policy-driven service, resource assignment, and workload distribution rules.
  • Provision Dynamically: Add or remove resources without impact to running services and optimize utilization within milliseconds vs. minutes or hours.
  • Reduce TCO: Create a more efficient, cost-effective enterprise with better performance, utilization, reliability, flexibility, service-oriented control, dynamic provisioning, rapid development and deployment, and centralized accounting.

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