TIBCO Mashery® API Management

The complete SaaS-based API Management solution deployed any way you want it: in the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid. Simplify API management and ownership with a "single pane of glass" view that allows you to scale, monitor, and distribute your APIs.

Key Components:

  • API Portal that provides an interactive marketplace where providers and consumers of APIs can come together to host, manage, test, and learn about them.
  • API Security enables you to automatically enforce a high standard of encryption and enable alerts that help you track and manage security threats.
  • API Analytics allow you and the consumers of your APIs to gain insight on their usage and performance through interactive reporting.
  • API Traffic management, security, and response caching from an easy to use dashboard.
  • API Packager that helps you manage your APIs as products without any coding.

For more information on the TIBCO Mashery platform, please visit: http://www.mashery.com.

TIBCO® API Exchange Gateway

Most people will find that the TIBCO Mashery platform is the right broad based solution to address the wide range of needs that API management requires. For customers with more focused API management needs, TIBCO also provides our API Exchange Gateway solution.

Deliver High Performance: Accelerate edge services performance through load balancing, caching, and a high-performance event-driven architecture.

Secure Internal Services for External Exposure: Standardize authentication and authorization across the enterprise and through to partners, and protect services from attack through security policies, message verification, and adaptive throttling.

Map Business Agreements to Enforceable Policies: Use throttles to enforce SLAs for service consumers.

Federate Disparate Enterprise Applications: Unify cloud and mobile platforms through service aggregation, content-based routing, protocol bridging, mediation, and lightweight orchestration.