From SaaS applications to mainframes, mobile devices to business processes, data drives your business. By having the right information—including real-time context—at the right time and place, you can optimize decision-making and take the right actions.

Our integration platform makes data available, reliable, and actionable in real time.

Integrate data of any variety, volume, and velocity

Maintain and strengthen your market positions by opening new channels to engage customers and partners. Securely expose your data to any application across the firewall or by using open APIs. The integration platform ensures the reliability, availability, and scalability of your applications and makes data available at all times with very low latency. And it helps you improve data quality by modeling and enforcing one version of the truth, whatever the data type.

Integrate for reduced cost and complexity

Our easy-to-use integration platform supplies broad connectivity to applications, business processes, cloud services, databases, systems, and devices. It reduces time to results and eliminates costly stove-pipe architectures, reducing complexity and total cost of ownership.

Enable greater innovation and revenue

In the new mobile age, volatility brings opportunity to those who are prepared to react. Based on industry standards, our integration platform provides the openness you need to build in your own functions and connectors and quickly innovate as technology environments evolve.

As you combine data across your entire ecosystem, you can build new services, partnerships, and processes to seize new channels and markets.

Get out-of-the-box reliability, availability, and scalability

Integration is the foundation of your IT infrastructure, the key to innovation and differentiation. All interactions with your customers, suppliers, and knowledge workers depend on it. If your business applications can't keep up with the pace of change, your business processes and service to customers will be severely impacted. Retrofitting a "good enough" integration solution to give it the right reliability, availability, and scalability is an expense that will not appear until it is too late.

Our integration platform provides out-of-the-box reliability, availability, and scalability, so you can avoid expensive hardware and software and even development and maintenance investments.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks6


Learn why integration is essential to running a real-time business.

Learn why integration is essential to running a real-time business.

Learn why integration is essential to running a real-time business.

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