You can make your on-premises or cloud applications shine with killer dashboards, cool visualizations, self-service reports, and rich analytics using our easily embeddable, analytic fabric. Whether you are an in-house developer, an ISV or are providing data-as-a-service and analytics-as-a-service in the Cloud, TIBCO Analytics provides the basis for serving up appropriate, smart and timely analyses to your end-users.

Success stories with TIBCO embedded analytics


SofTrek Corporation provides donor management software with CRM, online fundraising and decision support tools, and professional business services for nonprofit organizations.

The SofTrek team observed that customers in the nonprofit sector were not happy with their BI solutions, and set out to find out why. They discovered customers were looking for innovation, and they set their sights on providing a better user experience, one that was dynamic, friendly, and sticky.

They integrated BI content into their ClearView CRM reporting library and dashboard framework and created a seamless environment where clients can navigate to and from the application to BI content.

Using Jaspersoft, SofTrek created a better user experience, increased demand, reduced time to market, and streamlined development.

ZE PowerGroup, Inc.

ZE is a software development and consulting firm that provides enterprise-level data management software and related services to the energy and commodities sectors. Its clients were looking for self-service BI, and when the ZE team examined the build vs. partner equation, the answer was clear. Its clients introduced ZE to TIBCO.

Integration with TIBCO Spotfire® led to increased productivity and satisfaction for customers by enlarging its footprint within their operations. It also achieved higher close rates and increased competitiveness.