Big data, and the ability to derive actionable information from it, is key to competition and growth. Winners will leverage data-driven strategies to innovate, compete, and capture value from deep and real-time information. How? With tools that can be used by employees across the enterprise – tools that let them build their own interactive dashboards and pose questions against multiple data sources – all without needing IT support.

These capabilities are part of an event-enabled enterprise, and they are here today.

Unlike traditional business intelligence software, TIBCO provides interactive, visual capabilities to help individuals see trends, patterns, outliers, and unanticipated relationships in data with unprecedented speed and adaptability.

Benefits of Analytics and Visualization

  • Easily Analyze Large Datasets: Give users the ability to leverage big data on-the-fly, letting them draw from both structured and unstructured sources including data warehouses, enterprise applications, spreadsheets, and flat files.
  • Speed Time to Actionable Insight: Move beyond the limitations of historical data and anticipate opportunities and risks by seamlessly integrating predictive models and real-time event streams using in-memory computing.
  • Make Discovery Self-Service: Let users interact with intuitive, color-coded, easy-to-configure information displays so they can drill down, spot emerging patterns, anticipate events, and take action for competitive advantage.
  • Visualize the Unknown: Provide flexibility, so users can answer their first question as well as subsequent questions that inevitably arise as they examine the data.
  • Leverage IT Resources to Best Advantage: Offload report and dashboard customization to users, giving IT more time to add higher value, such as improving data consistency and accessibility.
  • Serve All Users: Provide a system flexible and powerful enough to adapt to the needs of all users across the enterprise, including their ability to collaborate using portals, social platforms, and other tools.

GE Uncovers Trends

Bryan Saunders of GE at TUCON 2011

GE Uncovers Trends


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