TIBCO Analytics

At TIBCO Analytics our vision is to get more people the right answer to their question as quickly as possible.

People Want Answers

After years of trying and billions invested in BI tools, people are still making decisions without data. Fewer than 25% of workers today use a BI tool. For some, like the data analyst, the answer might come from a dedicated analytics tool, but for most the answer needs to surface with the collaboration and business applications they use every day.

At TIBCO Analytics we strive to reach more people to get to their answers faster, when they need them. We are reimagining analytics for the "Personal Era" where analytics need to be pervasive, self-service and driven by processes rather than clicks.

The Analytic Fabric

An Analytic Fabric is a service that allows organizations to easily weave analytics into all their applications and collaborative platforms, instantly giving staff ready-made answers to their questions.

With an Analytic Fabric marketers can see campaign effectiveness within their marketing automation platform. Manufacturers can see how today's production will help meet their forecasts. And an IM chat between two HR and a hiring exec can be augmented with important statistics regarding staff turnover and on-boarding success.

Analytic Workspaces

Analytic Workspaces are provided for staff who want to engage in self-directed smart data discovery and reporting. Workspaces are tailored to needs, roles and experience and employ unique features to ensure that answers are delivered more swiftly that with any other analytics platform.