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Data is a valuable asset for every organization. Choosing the right analytics tools will allow your business to increase agility, accelerate learning, and industrialize processes by focusing on what matters most. The TIBCO Insight Platform allows you to:

  • Answer more questions in less time--with interactive visualizations, dashboards, and built-in statistics.
  • Clean and transform data visually as you go--with immersive and self-documenting data wrangling.
  • Broadcast the best ideas across the company--with guided analytics, collaboration, and sophisticated analytic applications.
  • Embed analytics seamlessly--to create smarter apps with embedded visualizations and reports.
  • Automate actions on streaming data--using real-time math, monitoring, and actions created using code-free development.

Featured Capabilities




“We have too much data and not enough time...”

The best analytics tools guide you to use what you already know to discover things you don’t, amplifying your experience and augmenting your skills. Explore data from multiple sources and angles to get answers faster. Whether it’s a data deep dive or checking KPIs on the road, insight is just a couple clicks away.

  • Immersive visualizations
  • Smart Recommendations
  • One-click predictions
  • Threaded discussions and collaboration
  • Maps, geocoding, and routing
  • Mobile metrics and KPIs
Inline Data Wrangling

Inline Data Wrangling

“I need to be immersed in the data to see what’s really important...”

However you prepare data, once you see it there are new things to fix, change, and analyze. Why not fix your data interactively while you perform your analysis, eliminating back and forth between tools? Inline data wrangling is here.

  • Interactive and iterative data wrangling
  • Data transformations at your fingertips
  • Derive new data features on the fly
  • Auto-generated replayable models
Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

“We need to dig deeper to find the opportunities others won’t...”

When simple visualization methods fall short, advanced analytics finds signals buried deep in the noise. Access a built-in enterprise-grade R engine to power the most advanced statistical methods. Rapidly synthesize data into visual information through rigorous signal identification methods and use to prescribe the best actions.

  • Forecasting and time-series analysis
  • Clustering and unsupervised learning
  • Machine learning
  • Modeling & simulation
  • Optimization
Analytic Apps at Scale

Analytic Apps at Scale

“We need the whole company to leverage our best analytics...”

You invest in your people and data, now make it possible to broadcast their great ideas across the company to increase speed & reinforce good approaches. Manage and scale IP to big data and big teams internally and for your partners and customers. Build standalone analytics apps or embed intelligence in commercial applications.

  • Beautiful, themed dashboards
  • Guided analytic apps
  • Embedded analytics
  • Cloud scale in or outside the firewall
Streaming Analytics

Streaming Analytics

“Our business operates in real time and we need automated decisions...”

Put your learnings into production against streaming data. Respond to real-time signals, perform analytics, and take action autonomously, bringing in the right people at the right moment for critical decisions. Use live dashboards and real-time continuous queries for operations. Learn from our extensive experience in deploying streaming applications across multiple industries.

  • Flexible connectivity to streaming data
  • Real-time math and visual monitoring
  • Continuous queries and live predictions
  • Automated actions and alerts
  • Low/no code visual development
  • Open source solution accelerators

TIBCO Analytics Product Family

TIBCO Spotfire®

Explore and wrangle your data quickly, uncover insights, and craft gorgeous analytic apps for yourself or your enterprise.

TIBCO Jaspersoft®

Embed data intelligence seamlessly into your internal or commercial business processes and applications.

TIBCO StreamBase®

Deploy streaming analytics solutions quickly that react to sophisticated signals in real time.