Logimethods and TIBCO: Alternative Approaches to Faster ROI

Logimethods, a highly specialized consulting firm, helps large organizations across a wide range of industries align, simplify, and integrate their IT environments to increase efficiency and asset reuse, as well as achieve higher level of process performance.

Guiding the selection and application of sophisticated, high-impact technologies, the company’s 70+ consultants provide strong expertise and valuable resources during every stage and phase of a project.

As one of TIBCO's strategic VAR partners, Logimethods utilizes TIBCO's market-changing, event-enabled enterprise solutions to ensure highly scalable and future-proof solutions meet the unique integration requirements of each client, enable dynamic response to change, and produce rapid ROI.

Composite ERP (CERP)

Logimethods' unique approach to resource planning directly addresses the challenges of traditional ERP adoption, including high cost and expensive upgrades, vendor lock-in, and poor adaptability to existing systems and changing business needs. See how by clicking on the featured video located on the right, under "Watch CERP Video!"

Leveraging a reference model that incorporates TIBCO's event-enabled vision, the CERP architecture not only provides the integration capabilities of ERP, but also empowers greater flexibility and lower overall costs.

CERP accelerates ROI by:

  • Supporting the reuse of existing systems
  • Allowing organizations to mix and match components (avoiding vendor lock-in)
  • Improving visibility
  • Streamlining how components are connected

For more details, please view the Composite ERP Overview.

To achieve greater competitive advantage with CERP, organizations can also implement advanced capabilities on top of standard packaged applications, including real-time business intelligence (BI), business activity monitoring, and business process management (BPM) across multiple applications and platforms.

Also see this detailed Composite ERP PDF to learn about the four building blocks that enable these advantages.

Strategic Integration

While CERP delivers a reference architecture and tools that companies can use to define strategic application solutions and the needed underlying integration architecture, Strategic Integration provides a methodology and governance to make this vision a reality.

Used together, companies can:

  • Take control of their enterprise application program
  • Gain increased flexibility
  • Better align with the business and achieve faster time to market
  • Reduce overall total cost of ownership (TCO)

For more information, see the Strategic Integration Overview.

In the coming months, Logimethods will introduce a new set of vertical-specific CERP solutions. Not only will these industry-specific solutions better support critical business functions, they’ll do so without sacrificing integration and real-time information access. To learn more, please contact us.

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Logimethods and TIBCO will host a special webinar on Wednesday, March 21, 2012, 11:00 am (EST). Join us to learn about BPM and Lean Six-Sigma – and what the combined methodology can do for your organization.

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