TIBCO LogLogic® H3 appliances will no longer be supported by TIBCO beginning November 30, 2016. It’s time to upgrade your TIBCO LogLogic H3 appliances to new H4R1 appliances that will not only keep your organization under compliance but help you deliver a secure IT environment and improve IT operations.

Reasons why upgrading to LogLogic H4R1 appliances is the right move:


State of the art hardware

  • Improved performance
  • Greater storage capacity for longer data retention
  • Advanced remote monitoring hardware and administration through DELL iDRAC

Advanced support

  • Comprehensive hardware and software support
  • Full onsite support provided by DELL only for H4/H4R1 appliances.

Latest software releases and updates

  • Access to new features and enhancements
  • Access to security, performance, and other fixes
  • Updates to support compliance standards to ensure you are always under compliance

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