Built for Business Users

IT professionals and data scientists are not the only ones who benefit from Event Processing. In today's digital age, business and technical teams work more closely than ever before. Stakeholders in business and operations also gain advantages from Fast Data:

  • See what's really going on behind the machine intelligence.
  • Interact with live data through self-service ad-hoc queries.
  • Override automated decisions with more effective on-the-fly response to threats and opportunities.

Take your real-time analytics to the next level with TIBCO Live Datamart. The industry's first live data mart for Fast Data augments automated processing of event streams with human oversight and interactive control, empowering business stakeholders to act on critical moments.

See TIBCO Live Datamart in Action.

See how an event-driven architecture incorporating TIBCO BusinessEvents® and TIBCO Live Datamart streamlines enterprise data integration, real-time processing, and provides instant visual feedback.

For example, a transit network's real-time control and command center optimizes operations in areas such as trip progress and alerting, delayed trips and train-set rescheduling, customer expectation management, equipment monitoring, employee scheduling, and much more.

An event-driven architecture also enables real-time predictive maintenance, track and trace, retail inventory control, fraud detection, point of sale instant offers, and others.

What Makes TIBCO Live Datamart Truly Unique?

Real-Time Control and Command Center

  • Enables interaction with live data using ad-hoc queries and user-configured charts.
  • Allows users to create and manage live alerts.
  • Allows live drill down with multiple ways of data manipulation for preferred visualizations.
  • Offers multiple ways to interact with data: custom .NET and HTML5 interfaces, JS APIs for building custom UIs.

Ultra Fast, Continuous Querying

  • Performs real-time computations against high-speed streaming data, returning results in just milliseconds.
  • Manages ad-hoc client queries and continuously pushes live results as conditions change in real time.
  • Pushes new matching queries to the client environment, and saves cost, by identifying and reusing previously issued predicates.
  • Produces fully materialized snapshots from live data tables, and seamlessly transitions into filtered matching predicates.
  • Continuous filtering of non-matching predicates helps clients focus on what is important.

IoT Ready

  • Directly connects to massive streams of data in motion via sensors, GPS, and others.
  • Supports the IoT protocols such as OSI Pi and MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT).
  • Supplies pre-built data connectivity with 150+ integration points.

Product Architecture and Command-and-Control Center

Key components include:

  • Connectivity: Pre-built data connectivity with 150+ integration points
  • Continuous query processing: Management of thousands of concurrent queries against a live data set
  • Alerting and notification: Real-time, automated messages delivered via supported channels
  • Clients: TIBCO StreamBase LiveView® Desktop and custom client user interfaces for the real-time control and command center

Shown here are key features of TIBCO StreamBase LiveView® Desktop, the real-time control and command center. The numbers below refer to the areas and functions on the product user interface.

  1. End-user configurability
  2. Real-time graphs
  3. Ad-hoc queries
  4. Live tables
  5. Alerts
  6. Notifications

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