Our CTO "thinks" he's a rock star, so we've decided to send him on a world tour....

Seriously, this is a truly interesting time to be in technology. You have these large generational shifts in the way we consume (mobility), access (cloud), and understand information (big data). But dig a little deeper, beyond the marketing hype, and things get even more interesting.

Join us for the 2016 TIBCO Informs Global Tour to hear from EVP & CTO Matt Quinn and TIBCO product and technology experts. We'll discuss TIBCO's technology, strategy and direction. We'll also delve deeper into how we build products, and the trends we are seeing and driving as we continue to innovate.

TIBCO Informs is an intimate meetup-style event. Although the event itself is designed to be casual, the content will not be light:

  • Hybrid architectures and containerization.
  • Support for the broad spectrum of integration.
  • The shift to full stack development approaches.
  • API management trends and requirements.
  • Visual and streaming analytics: why data wrangling is the new battleground.
  • Persona-driven development, the new jigsaw puzzle for large development teams.
  • CI/CD, what's good, what's not, what's changing.

The agenda includes:

  • Product keynotes by Matt Quinn and other TIBCO executives
  • Town-hall style Q&A
  • Reception with food, drinks, swag and a Mac raffle!
  • Networking with local experts in integration, analytics and API management

Seating is limited, so register now to save your spot at this exclusive event.

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  • NEW YORK Sep. 22, 2016
  • ATLANTA Oct. 14, 2016
  • LONDON Oct. 18, 2016
  • MELBOURNE Nov. 08, 2016

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