eTop-Up provides CSPs with the ability to electronically recharge the accounts of their prepaid account holders through a number of potential avenues, including the web, kiosks, ATM machines and agents. It also allows subscribers to transfer their mobile phone balance between other pre-paid and post-paid accounts with:

  • Convenient and cost effective recharge of prepaid balances
  • Flexible recharge values down to the lowest denominations
  • Expanded potential number of recharge facilities through reseller agents, ATMs, kiosks, web, p2p balance transfers, etc.

eTop-Up eliminates the manufacturing and distribution costs of physical vouchers by managing virtual stocks of credits that can be re-distributed to customers through a variety of 3rd party or internal reselling agents.

Key Features

  • Real-time management of agent balances
  • Recharges multiple products spread across multiple balance management systems
  • Configurable agent commissions and incentives plans
  • Transaction and balance limits per class of subscriber/agents
  • Flexible subscriber promotions plan based on recharge usage per subscriber profile and/or access bearer
  • Blacklists with dynamic policy invocation