Why TIBCO for Railroads

The railroad of the future will not only invest in physical infrastructure, but also embrace a digital infrastructure that provides real-time operational intelligence to help address the challenges of safety, performance, cost control, and regulatory mandates.

Increasingly, IT infrastructure is shifting away from transaction-based frameworks towards event-driven architectures that consume data at the same speed at which the business operates. In this environment, real-time event streams are integrated and analyzed with historical data to generate insights that empower rail professionals to take action in the moment that matters most. In an industry where delays can cost railroads millions annually and each improvement in network velocity by one tenth of one mile per hour each year can save them millions, the ability to identify and make small tweaks in real time can translate to tangible bottom-line results.

TIBCO's Event-Enabled Platform Harnesses Big Data to Transform Railroads

Railroad data is increasing exponentially in volume, variety, and velocity. Today, railroads are collecting and analyzing massive volumes of data generated by sensors, automatic equipment identification (AEI) readers, global positioning systems, load detectors and many other devices. The data that railroads need to manage will continue to proliferate as they increasingly adopt machine-to-machine technologies to optimize their network operations.

TIBCO provides railroads with real-time, event-based information infrastructure solutions to manage vast data volumes, enabling them to perform to high standards of reliability, safety and punctuality. Our comprehensive, integrated event-enabled platform offers a scalable services architecture that allows diverse systems to exchange billions of messages in real-time as data is integrated and shared across disparate applications. TIBCO’s innovative event-processing technologies monitor and analyze the combined event streams to identify complex patterns that may represent opportunities or risks. The result is enhanced visibility and situational awareness into your operations to empower action in critical and opportune moments, whether adjusting the train speeds to avoid congestion or issuing maintenance orders before potential problems lead to accidents.

TIBCO Solutions for Railroads

Performance Optimization and Operational Efficiency.

  • Minimize delays and enable efficient incident management. Track train movements end-to-end, using high performance messaging solutions to manage traffic events.
  • Increase capacity utilization. Improve key operational metrics such as capacity utilization by constructing models that reveal actionable insights. Supported by powerful visual analytics, you can correlate factors such as the number of trains, schedule stability and average speed to identify opportunities to increase capacity without investing in physical infrastructure.
  • Improve customer experience. When you can predict delays, you open the door to enhanced and differentiated customer service. Send passengers instant alerts about potential delays and missed connections, and include suggestions for alternative itineraries. Enable seamless travel experiences by offering services through your mobile apps for ticket purchase or reservation bookings with hotel and rental car partners.
  • Enable intelligent operations and reduce environmental footprint. Couple efficient business process management with real-time event-processing tools for greater efficiency and lower environmental impact. For instance, improve the departure coordination of your crew to minimize idle times and identify opportunities to improve energy consumption by analyzing the operating conditions that can be fine-tuned to lower fuel usage.
  • Real-time management of linear and rolling stock assets. Track assets from procurement through deployment, repair, and retirement and link existing systems through master data management into a virtual single asset view to support predictive asset management applications. Link critical data such as location, maintenance history and usage to real-time events and use predictive models to identify patterns about the condition of your assets that could signal potential faults, identifying them before they cause problems. As you consolidate and correlate data about your asset conditions, you are in a position to optimize strategies for maintenance, planning and capital investments.

Dynamic Pricing. Deploy intelligent, situational aware pricing engines to maximize revenue. Dynamically price fares based on rules that reflect real-time supply and demand conditions and adapt to other factors such as weather and customer loyalty.

Track Record in Rail

TIBCO's event-enabled, real-time tools and technologies are proven to meet the high availability, scalability and performance requirements for mission-critical rail networks. Our proof points include:

  • Union Pacific Railroad's deployment of TIBCO's event processing technologies powers automatic, dynamic scheduling that responds to real-time data, keeping 8,000 trains running on time.
  • Spain's state-owned Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias (ADIF) deployment of TIBCO messaging technologies to help manage the country's high-speed train networks. Specifically, TIBCO enables the system that manages the power and communicates with other critical systems that keep the trains in sync and moving.
  • Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), among the busiest networks in Europe, uses TIBCO technologies to schedule trains with no more than 90 seconds of delay in arrival times. TIBCO delivers precise, real-time information on train positions that improves SBB's system-wide view of train movements, leading to improved punctuality. The result is enhanced customer experience and optimized network utilization for greater revenue. SBB also uses TIBCO solutions to simulate scenarios that can cause thousands of minutes of train delays, facilitating contingency planning to deal with these situations.


Leading rail operators come together at TIBCO’s International Rail Summit to share their best practices and innovations.

Global Innovation Series - International Rail Summit

Leading rail operators come together at TIBCO’s International Rail Summit to share their best practices and innovations.


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Deutsche Bahn created a centralized support platform for customer service, security and maintenance management, improving safety and service.

Korail built an information system that harmonized schedules, fares and services between conventional and high-speed rail.