Why TIBCO for Manufacturing

Complexity and variability are facts of life for manufacturers. Raw materials, production resources and delivery schedules are prone to constant change in today's increasingly complex supply chains and manufacturing processes. In this environment, you need real-time visibility across your value chain to better monitor and control your processes in order to get the right products to the right customers at the right time.

TIBCO's Event-Enabled Platform Harnesses Manufacturing Big Data

TIBCO offers a unique, event-driven framework to solving 21st century manufacturing challenges, providing a real-time, event-based information architecture that connects disparate systems, processes and data to allow information to flow across your business and extended ecosystem. When real-time information across your operations and supply chain is available and transparent, the activities in your value chain achieve greater synchronization and predictability.

Our comprehensive, integrated event-enabled platform helps you harvest value out of the massive volumes of events and data flowing across your operations and external supply chain. TIBCO's innovative event-processing technologies capture, connect, and graphically represent events and identify and correlate patterns that signify opportunity or risk across your ecosystem. As you see through billions of events, you can act on real-time event streams in the context of past events to manage seasonality, reduce out-of-stocks, and optimize resource utilization.

TIBCO Event-Enabled Solutions for Manufacturing

  • Supply Chain Optimization. Control complexity and variability by gaining end-to-end visibility across the supply chain for improved responsiveness, forecasting and planning. With your supplier integrations in place, use TIBCO event processing technologies to improve demand forecasts by correlating real-time events with historical data to detect and understand demand patterns; as you anticipate shortages in a certain input material, invoke contingency planning to maintain production levels.
  • Factory Performance Optimization. Monitor and control activities on the production floor to optimize resource utilization, reduce cycle time, increase capacity and cut costs. Enable dynamic quality control to detect and address exceptions.
  • Predictive Equipment Maintenance. Define maintenance events that signal the need to repair or replace parts based on closed-loop analytics and continuous correlation using current operations and historical data in an operations event cloud.

Track Record in Manufacturing

From aerospace to semiconductors to diapers, TIBCO has helped manufacturers in virtually every sector stay agile by enabling real-time visibility across their business to anticipate demand, reduce supply chain risks and route intelligence to optimize manufacturing activities.

Following the integration of their back-end systems, applications, and partners, TIBCO's manufacturing customers achieve high uptime while efficiently managing their hundreds or thousands of global suppliers and partners, even during peak season. Other TIBCO manufacturing customers synchronize production with their retail partners as they identify and understand sales patterns to optimize inventory levels.

Manufacturers subject to precise standards and highly controlled manufacturing environments use TIBCO solutions to increase clean-room productivity and maintain rigorous quality control. They meet specific customer requirements using real-time event management to monitor their highly technical manufacturing processes and triggers appropriate responses if certain situations are detected.

Applying TIBCO master data management (MDM) solutions, many retailers and consumer goods manufacturers provide supply chain data to their trading partners, using standardized product data enabled by the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). This allows the manufacturer to coordinate new product introductions with retailers and partners and ensure they have the required and compliant information to distribute and merchandize the new products.


Learn how TIBCO can help you optimize your supply chain for greater predictability and synchronization.

Supply Chain Optimization

Learn how TIBCO can help you optimize your supply chain for greater predictability and synchronization.


TIBCO provides tools that let you fully integrate your trading partners using RosettaNet standards and implement RosettaNet Partner Interface Processes (PIPs). Learn more.


Pirelli deployed a real-time supply-chain network, automating transactions between thousands of distributors and dealers and lowering inventory costs by 20%.

Siemens Austria reduced IT costs, including interface development costs by an average 20% and maintenance costs by about 50%.