Why TIBCO for Logistics

Businesses and consumers have come to expect nothing less than the reliable delivery of their cargo and parcel, irrespective of adverse conditions such as poor weather and road conditions.

To meet ever-increasing performance standards, logistics businesses are shifting their IT infrastructure away from transaction-based frameworks towards event-driven architectures that consume data at the speed of their operations. In this environment, real-time event streams are integrated and analyzed with historical data to generate insights that enable proactive decision-making.

The ability to reroute your fleet in response to congested freight hubs or poor road conditions will allow you to formulate a response and minimize delays. If you wait until the data comes to rest, it may be too late to act. In an industry where delays can break performance commitments and lead to negative financial consequences, the ability to detect operational risks in real time and respond to them rapidly will differentiate you from your competitors.

TIBCO's Event-Enabled Platform Harnesses Logistics Big Data

Logistics involves a complex interplay of infrastructure, distribution, border clearance and many other functions that need to be monitored for optimized responsiveness. TIBCO offers a real-time event-enabled platform that allows diverse systems in your ecosystem to exchange millions of messages in real-time as data is integrated and shared across disparate applications. As your operational information is consolidated, you obtain real-time situational awareness and visibility to empower you to make decisions in the moment that matters most.

TIBCO Solutions for Logistics

Operations Optimization. Minimize transportation and labor costs as you see through millions of events in high-complexity environments and detect patterns and correlations between business activities and other event streams to optimize:

  • Real-time exception handling and SLA monitoring
  • Resource allocation and capacity utilization
  • Routes and schedules
  • Cargo flow

Track and Trace. Control operational workflow and gain visibility across the critical path of shipment by monitoring shipment milestones and triggering appropriate business processes when these milestones are fulfilled or missed.

Asset Management and Predictive Equipment Maintenance. Track assets from procurement through deployment, repair and retirement, and link existing systems through master data management into a virtual single asset view to support predictive asset management applications. Link critical data such as location, maintenance history and usage to real-time events and use predictive models to identify patterns about the condition of your assets that could signal potential faults, identifying them before they cause problems.

Predictive Scheduling and Process Improvements. Automatically and accurately predict the arrival and departure times of cargo, factoring in weather, traffic, historical patterns and other data to accelerate subsequent workflows and save time. For instance:

  • Ensure the availability of loading docks before the arrival of delivery vehicles to meet just-in-time manufacturing requirements.
  • Alert maintenance crew of impending inspections and maintenance requirements as planes, trains, trucks or ships come in; similarly, notify border agents and port of entry personnel of incoming freight to initiate required procedures to accelerate the fulfillment of required protocols.

Track Record in Logistics

TIBCO enables the world's leading logistics companies to perform to the standards of reliability and operational efficiency. Using TIBCO's event-enabled, real-time tools and technologies, logistics and transport businesses achieve significantly greater visibility to drive results that impact their bottom line. Businesses in the logistics sector have applied TIBCO’s event-driven solutions in a variety of ways including:

  • FedEx uses TIBCO solutions to enable the free flow of information, helping to power the routing and real-time tracking of millions of packages every day.
  • A leading freight forwarder leverages TIBCO solutions to provide a single version of master data for customers, products, rates, costs, and invoicing. It uses that data in real time for auto-rating and proactive event-based exception and SLA compliance monitoring and management. As a result, the company is well-positioned to:
    • Respond to a problem as it is occurring rather than wait for overnight reports before taking action
    • Take anticipatory actions such as reminding a customer when a quote is about to expire
    • Issue warnings when an SLA is at risk of being violated so proactive action with the customer is possible.
  • To minimize reimbursement liabilities for delayed deliveries, a U.S.-based trucking company provides accurate estimated arrival times to border agents to accelerate border clearance processes.


CargoSmart migrated to TIBCO’s SOA platform to deliver advanced functionality to customers.

TNT Logistics integrated its systems to power a real-time supply chain management system.

Lufthansa Cargo enabled a flexible connection between partners' and customers' systems.

Con-way reduced mis-loads, streamlined planning, and increase the performance of the entire freight network.

UTi Worldwide delivers enhanced visibility into supply chains by providing customized solutions to its customers.