Why TIBCO for Life Sciences

Amid imminent patent expirations and competition from generics, makers of therapeutic drugs and medical devices are under pressure to develop their pipeline of assets faster and commercialize products more effectively. The academic and clinical research organizations that support them, meanwhile, are challenged to manage the massive volumes of data among study participants, partner vendors, and sponsoring companies, potentially slowing research and development cycles.

Backed by a record of continuous innovation in infrastructure technology and proven industry experience, TIBCO offers a unique, event-driven framework to tackle the challenges facing life sciences companies.

TIBCO's Event-Enabled Platform Harnesses Life Sciences Big Data

TIBCO provides a comprehensive and integrated event-driven platform that can significantly improve your organizational performance. Our technologies connect your data, applications, people, processes and partners in real-time so events and data can flow across your extended ecosystem, ensuring that the information is available, reliable and actionable for other applications in real time. Our innovative event-processing and analytics solutions allow you to capture, store, correlate and graphically represent millions of events, including structured and unstructured data, to identify actionable insights for data-driven decision-making.

TIBCO's real-time, event-driven tools and technologies add value throughout the life sciences value chain, from early-stage discovery research through commercialization and all the steps in between, including clinical development, manufacturing and supply chain operations and sales and marketing effectiveness. By seamlessly integrating real-time event streams and predictive models, you can move beyond the limitations of historical data analysis and identify opportunities and risks in real time.

TIBCO's Event-Enabled Solutions for Life Sciences

  • Executive Insight. Leverage analytics to gather key research, development and commercial performance data to make fast decisions. Optimize portfolio decision-making to improve near-term resource management and long-term portfolio resource planning.
  • Research and Development Acceleration. Rapidly identify lead compounds and biologics with highest success potential and close the gap between late discovery and early clinical development.
  • Clinical Trials Management and Safety. Accurately deliver thousands of clinical trial studies on schedule, with the ability to scale and manage large volumes of clinical trial data and detect risk factors and safety issues. Reliably track in real-time all common clinical trial attributes associated with sites and investigators.
  • Commercial Operations Optimization. Improve marketing, sales, and promotional effectiveness by making it faster and easier to quickly uncover hidden opportunities and risks in the market. Develop a deeper understanding of target markets, consumer trends, and competitors, and deploy more effective sales and marketing strategies.
  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain Optimization. Deploy TIBCO's event-driven infrastructure and business process management technology to optimize manufacturing operations and integrate, automate and collapse the supply chain. Predict demand and manage partners and inventories in real-time.

Track Record in Life Sciences

Leading life science businesses, including the world's top ten, use TIBCO's event-enabled solutions to help them bring new drugs, devices and diagnostics to market ahead of the competition. No matter where you are in the life sciences value chain, our innovative, real-time solutions deliver tangible business and scientific results. For example:

  • Allergan uses TIBCO analytics solutions to optimize portfolio decision-making, which drives patient enrollment projections across therapeutic areas, global regions, and their entire portfolio for associated clinical and non-clinical resources. This enables near-term, 12-18 months resource management and long-term portfolio resource planning with two to five-year horizons.
  • A top 10 global pharmaceutical company uses TIBCO solutions to connect the distributed systems of its R&D centers across the world. As information flow is managed across a common enterprise backbone, company scientists share information about compounds and trials to accelerate drug development while gaining visibility on the status of all the R&D efforts. TIBCO master data management (MDM) solutions are used to collect and standardize information that provides a true status of the R&D efforts. This information feeds into the forecasting analytics, allowing managers to optimize planning.
  • A major pharmaceutical company uses TIBCO solutions to unify and track its vaccines, including their production status, storage locations and delivery schedules. TIBCO MDM's master data feeds TIBCO event-processing technologies, which apply rules to identify those that are out of compliance.
  • A government-operated healthcare organization in Asia leverages TIBCO solutions to consolidate master data related to prescription drugs fragmented across different silos. Creating this trusted source of data enables physicians and pharmacists to match up compounds and drugs to prevent adverse events caused by varying standards for names, labels, and dosage units.

TIBCO is a top 10 life science software vendor as ranked by license revenue, according to IDC Health Insights.


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Merck built an integration platform to automate processes across multiple applications, reducing development costs by 35%.

Novartis rapidly optimized its sales strategy with TIBCO analytics solutions.

Allergan overcame the multivariate data analytics challenges of drug discovery by using TIBCO analytics.