TIBCO enables insurers to transform the way they manage and enhance customer experience to drive revenue growth. TIBCO’s real-time, event-driven technologies allow you to detect meaningful patterns among the vast volumes of events occurring across your business and extended ecosystem to empower you to act in the moment that matters most. You can automate responses to seize new business opportunities, retain customers, build loyalty, and accelerate the time-to-market relevant offers that drive revenue growth.

Capabilities and Benefits

Unified Customer Interaction Platform

The delivery of consistent and unified customer experiences requires the integration of your channels. As you monitor your customer interactions across the different touch points, you achieve a holistic customer view. TIBCO connects applications, systems, and people in real-time for multi-channel integration, allowing you to capture every event across your customer self-service portals, mobile apps, call centers, and other touch points.

Predictive Customer Interaction Management

As your people and systems are connected, you get a unified, multichannel customer platform that allows you to coordinate your activities to capitalize your revenue opportunities, including:

  • Optimize Cross-Sell and Upsell. With TIBCO event processing and analytics tools, build inference and product recommendation engines to anticipate customers' next immediate needs. By leveraging events pertaining to customer behavior and preferences, you enable customer service representatives to recommend the next best product based on recommendation scores, and extend the offer at the appropriate moment of customer engagement.
  • Increase Customer Retention and Loyalty. Improve conversion rates of policy quotes and mitigate defection risk at the time of renewal by automating responses and routing actionable intelligence at the point of quote-follow-up and customer service to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Increase Ease of Doing Business. Open up mobile, social and other emerging communication channels and enable event-driven infrastructure to allow customers more choices in how they interact with you.