TIBCO helps insurers streamline operations to increase productivity and cut costs using a process-driven modernization (PDM) methodology. PDM drives business results through IT modernization adopted in incremental steps to minimize risk and upfront investment. By adopting PDM, you improve productivity and manage growth by modernizing claims, billing, risk management, and underwriting processes. PDM also minimizes revenue loss, reduces costs, and realizes incremental revenue with improved policy administration and straight-through renewals.

With low barriers to adoption, PDM allows you to begin taking the IT modernization path without making the investments typically required by large-scale enterprise application deployments. The platform-independent models constructed during a PDM initiative are managed and created by business people and therefore have a life span reaching far beyond the lifecycles of hardware, operating systems and programming languages. With PDM, models are the focus of investment instead of application code. This empowers you to focus more on business problems and less on the IT systems.

TIBCO provides the enabling technologies for PDM, giving you the ability to add an independent process layer that models, automates and executes claims, underwriting, renewals, and other business processes while allowing manual reviews and approval steps. Our event-enabled platform integrates your systems and your partners' systems to allow the real-time flow of information across your business and extended ecosystem. TIBCO event-processing technologies allow you to monitor processes and services to detect exceptions and disparities across systems and identify the complex events that are relevant and useful for ensuring optimal process executions.

Capabilities and Benefits

  • Claims-Processing Transformation. Improve productivity and accuracy in claims processing for consistent payouts to avoid negative financial implications. Monitor and measure activities within the processing cycle to track status and avoid revenue leakage.
  • Case Management. Improve business agility and customer experience by accelerating resolutions for customer queries and service requests. Improve resource productivity and eliminate access load on service centers by automating, monitoring, measuring, and optimizing service processes.
  • Real-Time, Operations Analytics. Obtain operational intelligence to identify risks or inconsistencies within a process and close the process improvement loop by delivering actionable insights to the people who need them, exactly when they need them– in real time.


Nordea Life deployed TIBCO process-driven solutions to cut operating costs and improve sales.

Allianz Ireland used TIBCO BPM technologies and increased efficiency by 80% in claims processing, securing an ROI in 6 months.