TIBCO's Event-Driven Healthcare platform allows provider organizations to improve the cost, quality, and experience of healthcare.

TIBCO helps providers connect, correlate, understand, and act upon information across systems, improving the coordination and visibility of patient care, gaining efficiencies, and reducing waste. Our transformative real-time, event driven platform enables provider organizations to manage massive volumes of data to identify potential problems faster, intervene proactively, and influence clinical and financial outcomes, rather than analyzing them after they occur.

As a result, providers are able to realize greater value, improve operational efficiency, reduce waste, and mitigate financial, operational, and clinical risks.

TIBCO solutions provide value across all areas of a healthcare operations, including:

  • Patient Management
    • Enable a longitudinal view of the patient and coordination of care among practitioners
    • Improve patient safety and outcomes by identifying risks early and facilitating a corrective course
    • Enable evidence-based medicine
    • Facilitate the transition to accountable care (ACO/PCMH)
  • Partner Management
    • Optimize the value chain and improve operations to speed the revenue cycle
    • Ensure compliance with HIPAA, ICD-10, PHI, security and other requirements
    • Detect and prevent potential fraud
  • Provider Management
    • Ensure optimal use of limited resources through intelligent business process optimization
    • Manage provider contracting and physician relations

TIBCO Event-Driven Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Intelligent Provider Pipeline. Integrate disparate systems for true interoperability to make clinical and administrative information visible and actionable in real time across the healthcare enterprise, while reducing the number, cost and time to implement system interfaces.

Event-Enabled Early Warning System. Save lives through an event-enabled early warning system by proactively identifying patients who are following clinical or behavioral patterns of prior patients who experienced negative outcomes. Then facilitate outreach to change their health habits or enroll them in an appropriate care management plan.

Resource Optimization. Eliminate waste and ensure the most efficient use of scarce resources through multi-factor scheduling, and optimization of automated and manual processes.

Partner Collaboration Blueprint for ICD-10 Transition. Facilitate the ICD-10 Transition through partner collaboration. Ensure business neutrality through the transition and beyond with a re-useable platform for project governance, stakeholder collaboration, code mapping, partner testing, comparative analysis, and continuous improvement.

Industry Track Record

TIBCO's Event-Driven Healthcare platform integrates disparate systems for true interoperability, leverages and correlates real-time events and multi-dimensional factors over time, and implements rules that enable proactive response to improve results, whether they are clinical, financial, or operational outcomes. With the ability to monitor events and identify patterns in real time, providers are better positioned to make decisions and take action before the data becomes stale or irrelevant.

Healthcare providers have deployed TIBCO solutions to:

  • Identify patients at risk of developing dangerous conditions like sepsis, and alert the appropriate staff, providing the right information to take immediate action
  • Lower cost by reducing the number and expense of interfaces required to connect clinical and administrative systems across the healthcare enterprise
  • Optimize the use of scarce resources by better managing manual and automated business processes involving multi-dimensional factors and dependencies
  • Eliminate waste by avoiding inappropriate diagnostics, duplicate testing, misaligned EBMGs, and inefficient processing.