Why TIBCO for Healthcare

Today's healthcare organizations face significant challenges to maximize the value they provide. They need to improve the quality of clinical, financial, and patient experience outcomes while reducing the cost of care and administrative expense – all within an environment of complex regulation and reform.

The most successful healthcare organizations will be the ones that can manage the massive volumes of real-time information and events to identify potential problems faster and intervene proactively to influence outcomes, rather than analyzing them after they occur.

TIBCO's Event-Enabled Platform Harnesses Healthcare's Big Data

TIBCO is transforming healthcare with a unique event-enabled platform that allows healthcare organizations to significantly increase the quality of clinical, financial and patient experience outcomes.

TIBCO's Event-Driven Healthcare platform integrates disparate systems for true interoperability, leverages and correlates real-time events and multi-dimensional factors over time, and implements rules that enable proactive response to:

  • Influence clinical and financial outcomes
  • Reduce the cost of care, administrative overhead, and waste
  • Improve member/patient experience
  • Ensure compliance

Through this framework, TIBCO's real-time solutions deliver demonstrable value at each step of the Event-Driven Healthcare capability maturity model to improve care quality and efficiency:

  • Connect: Enable interoperability of clinical, administrative, and patient data
  • Authenticate: Ensure information is accurate and verified as the single source of truth
  • Optimize: Identify trends and patterns within data and real-time events, and gain actionable business intelligence
  • Operationalize: Put real-time information and events to use for improving clinical and administrative results
  • Socialize: Enable secure, real-time collaboration across the entire continuum of care

TIBCO Event-Driven Solutions for Healthcare

TIBCO provides event-driven solutions for:

  • Health Plans. Increase market share, optimize the payment lifecycle, improve operational efficiency, ensure compliance, improve population health, and enable the transition to coordinated accountable care.
  • Providers. Improve outcomes, reduce the cost of care, eliminate waste, ensure compliance, empower secure real-time patient-centered collaboration.

Track Record in Healthcare

TIBCO has helped hundreds of hospitals, clinics, physicians and health plan providers optimize patient outcomes and reduce overhead, including:

  • 195 healthcare provider organizations
  • 8 of the top 10 U.S.-based health insurance providers
  • BlueCross BlueShield Organizations in 33 states, plus the District of Columbia
  • Health Plans covering more than 150 million members

The TIBCO healthcare team includes industry veterans with special expertise in transforming healthcare operations.


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How and why to move to event-enabled healthcare.


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