TIBCO supports the goal of Section 508 which seeks to eliminate barriers to the use of electronic information technology (EIT) by people with disabilities. A great number of TIBCO's software products, however, typically operate in a back office capacity in conjunction with the enterprise architecture, data backbone, and/or operating system being utilized by the information technology user. As such, these TIBCO products are designed to function in a manner that typically is transparent to the technology end-user. Furthermore, the majority of TIBCO's software products are designed to work with most, if not all, current operating systems and their related applications, including web browsers, in a seamless fashion. Therefore, to the extent that an end-user's information technology environment contains accessibility features, we believe that most TIBCO products will neither interfere with nor impair the use of such features by the technology end-user.

To help Federal EIT purchasers make educated buying decisions regarding the accessibility features of our products, TIBCO has completed Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPATs) to document how many of its products achieve conformance with applicable accessibility standards under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. The VPAT template was developed by the Information Technology Industry Council and is the standard that is used across the software industry to explain how a given product helps comply with each technical provision of Section 508. Please utilize the following links to access TIBCO's completed VPATs. If you are interested in a TIBCO software product for which a VPAT is not found, please contact your TIBCO sales representative.

Completed VPATs