Defense and Intelligence

The advent of sophisticated event-processing technologies allowing for the fusion of information from historical databases with real-time, in-memory sensor data and events is profoundly changing the way U.S. military, law enforcement, and homeland security respond to threats and opportunities.

TIBCO's real-time, event-enabled tools and technologies provide the U.S. federal government with greater levels of situational awareness, enabling smarter and better decision-making for defense and intelligence initiatives, including border protection, military combat operations, and defense supply chain optimization.

Capabilities and Benefits

Border protection. With more than 100,000 miles of land and seashore borders to protect, innovative technologies will play an increasingly major role in protecting the perimeters of the United States.

From biometrics such as facial recognition to cargo detection, new technologies will need to be integrated into the U.S. Homeland Security arsenal to provide the millions of "eyes and ears" required to more effectively counter terrorism. TIBCO event-enabled technologies can process and correlate real-time events from these distributed sensors and other sources to detect threats to the U.S. borders.

Learn more about applying event-driven technologies to border protection and homeland security by downloading the whitepaper, The Predictive Perimeter: A New Look at Border Protection.

Military and Combat Operations. Timely distribution of mission-critical information can mean the difference between life and death and a successful military operation and a failed one.

Complex sensor networks generate huge volumes of information such as data about battlefield imaging, ground target tracking, and enemy forces movement. The data is meaningless, however, without a way to instantly correlate, analyze, and transmit them to those who need to know.

TIBCO technology confers situational awareness by collecting, correlating, and securely disseminating up-to-the-minute intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and logistics information to troops, command centers, and their coalition partners. With event-driven collection and processing, in-depth data analysis and real-time secure distributed information sharing, TIBCO's technologies provide a basis for effective defense and strategizing in today's combat and military operations. Learn more about applying event-driven technologies to military operations by downloading the whitepaper, The Predictive Battlespace: A Strategic Thought Paper.

Defense Supply Chain. The TIBCO supply chain solution can help defense logistics organizations with the procurement, delivery, and distribution of mission-critical parts to troops, providing real-time visibility into the state of the entire process. It also acts as a modernized information repository to mechanics on the front lines so they have visibility into the process (e.g., see that the wrong part was ordered before it ships).

TIBCO business process and event-driven supply chain solutions ensure defense logistics organizations procure and deliver supplies, services, and equipment while adhering to appropriate approvals, procedures, and authorizations. Additional benefits include automation of the procurement process, which collapses the time to delivery.

Learn more about optimizing the defense supply chain by downloading the whitepaper, Optimizing the Supply Chain Ecosystem.