Today's citizens are no longer passive consumers of public services. They are more informed and connected, and as a result, expect greater access and transparency to government data and processes. They are demanding not just an understanding of the process, but better, more efficient, and personalized processes delivered through their preferred channels.

Regional and local governments around the world use TIBCO technologies to provide citizens with direct access to real-time, easy-to-use government services, allowing them to circumvent red tape, cumbersome paperwork, and long lines. Leveraging TIBCO’s robust, innovative infrastructure technology, regional and local governments are able to deliver increasing levels of citizen-centric services in the absence of budget increases.

TIBCO Event-Enabled Solutions for State and Local Governments

Business integration for information sharing. Connect applications and data through a service-oriented architecture (SOA), enabling constant innovation. As silos break down between teams and departments, agencies can deploy and integrate new systems, scale to meet greater demand, and share information. Case workers, analysts, managers, and other personnel can get a consolidated view of citizen information and the true status of processes and operations.

Process automation for lower overhead and greater productivity. TIBCO solutions enable regional and local governments to deliver a single transparent window for citizens to access from any channel public service processes, such as tax refunds and utility provisioning information. Business process management (BPM) enables you to adopt a process-centric approach to the delivery of your services, streamlining activities and citizen services. Wherever there is process complexity, volatility, and the need to touch many distinct systems, government agencies can benefit from a solid BPM foundation. You ensure improved service delivery by making it easier to modify processes as requirements change while improving visibility into processes. By deploying BPM, you reap cost-cutting benefits and improve services to citizens by making it easier to interact with your organization.

Optimized decision-making for improved performance. The volume, speed, and types of information flowing to and from government organizations are greater than ever. As a result, analysts, officers, caseworkers, and other personnel who provide the core intellect of government organizations, are often overwhelmed by huge and complex workloads. TIBCO's event processing and analytics tools highlight and correlate only those events that are critical to the agency, allowing staff to focus on the most relevant information so they can make faster and smarter decisions.


The California Department of Transportation monitors the state’s highway network and shares updates every 30 seconds with motorists and the highway patrol.

The Madrid City Council increased governance and service reuse within all development activities.

The Hangzhou Municipal Government connected its dispersed data exchanges, creating a centralized framework for information sharing.