Why TIBCO for Capital Markets

Reforms, globalization, and direct market access have intensified the challenges faced by broker-dealers, buy-side firms, exchanges, and other players in capital markets. While striving to satisfy their customers and increase revenue, these businesses must also optimize their operations to handle higher trading volumes, margin compression, algorithmic trading, black-box trading, structured products, and new regulations.

TIBCO's record in capital markets is demonstrated by more than two decades of leadership in innovative, high-performance infrastructure technology that enable capital markets players to compete in a world where success is measured in milliseconds. From extreme-low latency to mobile and web messaging, TIBCO sets the highest performance standards and speed records to answer the most demanding trading environments.

TIBCO's Event-Enabled Platform Harnesses Capital Markets Big Data

TIBCO offers a real-time event-driven platform that enables securities firms to rapidly adapt to changing market conditions and handle increasing transaction speeds while managing ever-increasing data volumes to optimize performance, risk management, and compliance.

TIBCO transforms the way securities firms, stock exchanges and other players in capital markets run their businesses by allowing them to:

  • Leverage technologies that enable the ability to on-board new liquidity venues, and interface with central clearers and trade repositories faster
  • Establish consistent information flow with the blending and aggregation of all required data across the enterprise and extended ecosystem
  • Simplify business workflows using interoperable infrastructure which can be monitored and measured and reported upon
  • Adopt tools and services to support cross-asset and complex trading platforms
  • Implement event-based technologies to orchestrate business processes to deliver the right message to the right end-user based upon business rules
  • Ultimately, be in a position to release funds from "run the firm" to "transform the firm" to continuously drive innovation.

TIBCO's Event-Enabled Solutions for Capital Markets

  • Trading Operations Optimization.
    • Trade life-cycle visibility and management
    • Track-and-trace of high value transactions
    • Event-based exception monitoring, resolution and reporting
    • Extreme low-latency architectures for algorithmic trading, direct market access (DMA), real-time risk assessment
    • End-to-end predictive straight-through processing (PSTP)
    • Surveillance and transaction-level monitoring to anticipate abnormal activities, supported by event-processing capabilities
  • Reference Data Management. Data cleansing and master data repositories of client and counterparty data to external and internal sources
  • Account and Portfolio Management.
    • End-of-day portfolio consolidation and risk management
    • Customer service and SLA management
  • Risk Management Infrastructure. Real-time risk data capture, data normalization, and process control related to operational, market and credit risk
  • Regulations and Compliance. SEPA, MiFID, Basel II, OTC Derivatives
  • Business and Organization Consolidation. Drive maximum value from stock exchange mergers and acquisitions by deploying seamless back-office integration to consolidate business and organizational activities and processes.
  • SWIFTNET Solution. provides a comprehensive integration platform that helps automate the processing of complex SWIFTNet transactions, bridging the gap between internal back-office systems and SWIFTNet.

Track Record in Capital Markets

Since our founding, TIBCO has placed a relentless focus on serving capital markets. Our expertise in this sector is unparalleled, having defined in the 1980s the trading floor of the future by enabling the integration and delivery of market data and allowing this data to be shared between different systems and applications in real-time. Today, TIBCO continues to power the communications infrastructure of the world's top financial institutions. Our extreme-low-latency messaging technologies enable trading firms to access services such as market data and distribute information internally more than 40 percent faster than the competition, resulting in a significant competitive advantage.

From the most iconic Wall Street firms to global trading exchanges, capital markets players rely on TIBCO technologies to harness their big data to drive performance, meet regulatory compliance, and manage risk.

What's New
  • Fast Data for financial services (05:52 min.)

  • BVC brings international liquidity to its local market leveraging TIBCO solutions.

Fast Data for financial services (05:52 min.)

Colombia Stock Exchange - Jitenduri Puri - TUCON 2011

BVC brings international liquidity to its local market leveraging TIBCO solutions.


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