Why TIBCO for Retail Banking

Backed by decades of innovation in infrastructure technology and a customer roster of leading global banks, TIBCO offers a unique, event-driven approach to growing revenue and solving the operational challenges of 21st century retail banks.

TIBCO's Event-Enabled Platform Harnesses Retail Banks' Big Data

TIBCO provides a comprehensive, integrated event-enabled platform to harvest value out of the massive volumes of events and data flowing across your operations. TIBCO solutions offer:

  • A customer-oriented, event-driven architecture that aligns your operations around customers and customer opportunities. Customer events and data are integrated across your distributed systems to deliver a single customer view so you can optimize their experiences across all channels.
  • Innovative event-processing technologies leveraging in-memory computing to capture and correlate millions of events, allowing you to identify opportunities and risks in real time. Automate responses to critical events like fraud or to opportune moments for presenting personalized offers for your products and services.
  • A standard way to perform integration and create new services, resulting in significantly greater agility and reducing the time and resources needed to add new applications, capabilities, and partners.
  • Operational efficiency gains and significant cost savings resulting from automation and workforce optimization. Reduce cycle times and human errors in loan processing, new accounts on-boarding, customer complaint resolution, and other processes. Optimize global workforce, prioritize and distribute work activities in real-time based on available skills and resources.

TIBCO Event-Enabled Solutions for Retail Banks

  • Predictive Customer Interaction Management. Increase product per customer ratio by presenting targeted and relevant offers. Release customer data from their product silos and trigger customer engagement by leveraging events monitoring, analytics and business rules to identify and execute on cross- and up-sell opportunities.
  • Core Banking Process Integration and Automation.
    • Integrate disparate applications associated with each banking product by standardizing on a common platform to shorten time to market for new offerings and deliver consistent customer experience across all products.
    • Accelerate the processing of payments, loans, new accounts and other products for improved customer service and lower overhead. Deploy straight-through-processing (STP) for application preapprovals so turnaround is in minutes, not weeks.
  • Fraud Management and Compliance. Reduce operational risks through auditable processes and uncover exceptions and suspicious activities through the ability to monitor and correlate millions of transactions and events in real-time and obtain an aggregated view to automate responses.
  • Payments Orchestration. TIBCO provides an integrated gateway for mobile and credit card payments in both banking and non-banking scenarios. TIBCO's payments gateway reduces costly mainframe footprint while providing high-availability and the ability to orchestrate, prioritize, track and trace payments, and easily manage high-transaction volumes in real time.
  • SWIFTNet Solution. TIBCO provides a comprehensive integration platform that helps organizations automate the processing of complex SWIFTNet transactions, bridging the gap between internal back-office systems and SWIFTNet.
  • Workforce Optimization. Provide an agile, on-demand distribution and prioritization of work activities according to moving business priorities. Monitor the workload globally down to individuals and respond to disruptions and changes in business priorities in real-time.

Track Record in Banking

From our early days in digitizing Wall Street to our proven record in helping banks execute successful marketing and business transformation initiatives, TIBCO has deep experience working with financial services businesses. As a provider of infrastructure and middleware technologies to banks for decades, we bring best practices and tested methodologies to ensure successful deployments.

Retail banks have achieved superior ROI by deploying TIBCO solutions. Some have realized significantly higher products-per-customer ratios, while others have significantly lowered their overhead and enhanced customer service by automating and improving the quality of their business processes. Retail banks have also used TIBCO solutions to rapidly integrate the necessary systems and applications required to bring their products to market faster, allow them to sign on partners in areas like mobile payment and provide those new services to customers at a reasonable cost.

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SWIFT Certified
TIBCO is SWIFT-certified and offers an integration platform that helps automate the processing of complex SWIFTNet transactions. Learn more.


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