Why TIBCO for Airlines

As airlines face growing competition from regional and low-cost carriers, they need to deliver differentiated services that exceed the standards of performance, safety and punctuality while controlling costs.

Backed by a record of innovations in infrastructure technology and airline industry firsts, TIBCO offers a unique, event-driven framework to help carriers grow revenue, improve service and reduce overhead.

TIBCO's Event-Enabled Platform Harnesses Airlines' Big Data

While airlines collect vast amounts of information from myriad data sources such as maintenance records, loyalty programs and weather reporting services, many of them are challenged by how to unlock customer and operational insights from these siloed systems.

TIBCO provides a comprehensive, integrated event-enabled platform that allows airlines to harvest their data to enhance operational predictability, synchronization and control. Our scalable services architecture integrates data from disparate applications enabling a consolidated view of your operations. Innovative event-processing technologies monitor and analyze the combined event streams to identify potential opportunities and problems. As you correlate data coming from the ground and air, you gain an operational awareness that enables you to proactively manage your business in real-time. When you alert passengers that their bags did not follow them on their flight and allow them to skip the wait at baggage claim, you deliver differentiated service. When you offer the right incentives to the right customer at the right time to fill your seats, you maximize your passenger revenue in the time window that most matters. Otherwise, the revenue opportunity is forever lost once the flight takes off.

TIBCO Event-Enabled Solutions for Airlines

  • Airline Disruption Management. Improve operational effectiveness by identifying inconsistencies and anomalies within the operational and logistic supply-chain and other potential disruptions to flight schedules before they happen, preempting errors, ensuring safety and flight schedule integrity.
  • Event-Enabled Customer Experience Management. Integrate customer data and interactions from multiple channels to obtain a unified view of your customers to deploy:
    • Dynamic Reward Redemption. Optimize reward programs through tailored value redemptions based on lifetime customer value, factoring in fare purchase history, loyalty level, and other variables.
    • Virtual Retail Store. Seize opportune moments during the customer journey to enhance flight experience, foster loyalty, and maximize ancillary revenue. Anticipate customer behavior by up-selling on-board food, entertainment, frequent flyer miles and other non-ticket, ancillary items.
  • Predictive Maintenance through Closed-Loop Operations Analytics. Define maintenance events that indicate the need to repair or replace parts based on closed-loop analytics and continuous correlation using current operations and historical data in an operations event cloud.
  • Real-Time Baggage Tracking. Track and trace scanned luggage by monitoring milestones and triggering appropriate alerts and processes when these milestones are fulfilled or missed. Correlate the real-time movement of scanned luggage with other operational events to detect and resolve exceptions. For instance, issue alerts if a plane departs the gate without receiving a baggage load event for a passenger who has boarded or issue instructions to re-route his bags if he is transferred to a different flight.
  • Intelligent Operations Manual for Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO). Deliver managed process with focused content to ensure standardized procedures and workflows for activities such as aircraft maintenance.

Track Record in Airlines

TIBCO has a long-standing track record in the airlines sector, having enabled one of the industry's first cutting-edge IT backbone that allowed Delta Air Lines to deploy the transformative Delta Nervous System (DNS). Using DNS, Delta Air Lines gathers and synchronizes logistical data, such as passenger check-ins and flight arrivals, and distributes it in real time to gate agents, baggage handlers, and other operational staff to minimize delays, errors, and lost luggage, improving service and customer satisfaction.

Today, TIBCO continues to deliver innovative solutions to airlines, enabling them to differentiate their brand and services. At a time when consumers are just clicks away from rock-bottom fares and air travel is often perceived as a commodity, carriers must demonstrate their value. We help airlines differentiate their service through operational excellence and the delivery of the right experience to the right customer at the right time.


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