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Fast Data with TIBCO

Digital Transformation to Seize Every Business Opportunity

TIBCO’s core mission is to take businesses to their digital destinations by connecting them to Everything, and augmenting their intelligence with data. This provides businesses with an unprecedented understanding of their context, and the ability to act to seize even the shortest-lived opportunities. TIBCO provides business with its Fast Data platform, a set of technologies and services based on TIBCO’s nearly 20 years of experience combining enterprise-grade quality with rapid innovation. And because Digital Transformation is an organization-wide business initiative, the Fast Data platform caters to the needs of all parts of the organization, from IT teams to business users.

Featured Capabilities

Interconnect Everything

It is common to hear that in the digital age, everything is connected. Granted, a lot of systems, humans, and “things” have the ability to exchange information. But does that mean that your business is connected to all the parties involved in your customers’ experience or your own business processes? The Fast Data platform provides the required capabilities to become the connective tissue that ties together systems, humans, and things:

  • Integration. TIBCO’s leading integration and messaging solutions connect to your systems and your partners' systems to build services to provide your business with the right visibility or the right action.
  • Business Process Management. TIBCO’s leading Business Process Management solutions involve people, such as your customers or employees, in your key business processes.
  • API Management. TIBCO’ leading Mashery® API Management solution makes your data accessible from any system, mobile phone, browser, or device you can think of.

Augment Intelligence

Now that the lines between the physical and digital worlds have blurred, your business has access to an unprecedented amount of data. But how do you overcome the fact that so few people have access to this data, preventing them from using it to make impactful decisions? The Fast Data platform provide everyone in the organization, from data scientists to operational users, with the relevant vantage point for their part of the business, giving them the ability to act on context:

  • Data Visualization. From intuitive and gorgeous visualizations to big data and predictive analytics, TIBCO Spotfire® instantly provides users with answers and the ability to share them with peers–and ultimately act on the insights found.
  • Reporting and Dashboards. Many of your users need immediate access to analytics at the exact place and time when a decision needs to be made, for example, within key applications. TIBCO Jaspersoft® allows developers to bring the power of analytics to any application.
  • Streaming Analytics. TIBCO Streambase® combines the real-time connectivity of your business with the insights found in analytics to identify and act on business moments, also known as short-lived opportunities.

Core and Edge: Address Your Full Business

Over the last 20 years, TIBCO has innovated with leading customers, developing its technologies to strike the right balance between the quality required for business-critical applications and the speed of innovation. Today, digitalization has accelerated the speed at which your business must innovate without decreasing your customers’ expectation for quality. TIBCO’s Fast Data Platform fuels your innovation--and differentiation--at all levels of your organization:

  • At the core of the business, where you still need to change--to optimize and provide a solid foundation that can be leveraged in new ventures.
  • At the edge of the business, where new opportunities need to be identified, quickly tested, explored, and scaled into new initiatives that will eventually be part of the core.

Featured Solutions

The Fast Data Platform as Launchpad for Digital Initiatives

Using the Fast Data platform, your business will not only be able to address one or more individual initiatives, it can combine them to create a truly innovative and differentiating customer experience. The combined data from things, mobile, and other systems can be used to provide an intimate, real-time understanding of each customer, and a truly unique experience. Such intimacy can only be achieved by connecting and collecting Everything and leveraging contextual data to build intelligence. This is differentiation achieved only by using TIBCO’s Fast Data platform.

With a unique combination of connectivity and augmented intelligence provided to all parts of your organization, the Fast Data platform lets your business launch or accelerate digital initiatives such as:

Internet of Things (IoT) Initiatives

Internet of Things (IoT) Initiatives

Whether for industrial use cases such as supply chain, or to make customer experiences richer and more immersive with new services, connecting to devices and blending them into your processes is one of the hottest opportunities digital has to offer. Not only does the Fast Data platform connect you, it empowers your teams with visibility and the ability to take action to seize the full potential of the Internet of Things.

Mobile Initiatives

Mobile Initiatives

Because most of the interactions with your customers are made via mobile devices, the quality of the experience you provide is paramount. The Fast Data platform not only helps you provide compelling experiences via your APIs, it supplies the analytics required to leverage your knowledge of customers to improve their experience.

Cloud Initiatives

Cloud Initiatives

At the core, the Fast Data platform supports modernization of applications based on private cloud and microservices, and enables adoption of SaaS solutions that become pillars of business processes. At the edge, the Fast Data platform fuels creation of APIs to fuel new initiatives. And of course, the Fast Data platform ensures all of your business is exposed as a scalable API so you can, for example, offer your services on platforms that are not yours, such as social networks.

Big Data Initiatives

Big Data Initiatives

The Fast Data platform is the ideal foundation for big data initiatives because it allows you to ingest all data: data of any volume, velocity, or variety. It also connects seamlessly with solutions such as Hadoop and Spark, and then provides cutting-edge analytics for data scientists or operational users to bring insights from this data. A key differentiator of the Fast Data platform is streaming analytics enabling big data insights and instant identification of opportunities as they emerge. The platform then automatically notifies the right resources or generates the right response, generating true value from big data.