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Faster Time to Market for Better Digital Business Outcomes

Every organization has potential problems and opportunities that if identified and addressed within a small time window would lead to competitive advantage.

Building real-time data processing applications that detect and respond to these critical business moments can be difficult and complex. It's far easier and less complex with:

  • A full-featured yet intuitive development environment
  • Robust enterprise-class performance
  • A highly cost-effective platform

In-house and off-the-shelf solutions present usability and performance challenges that drive up TCO. StreamBase gives you the complete development and runtime platform to quickly and cost effectively build and deploy high-quality event-driven applications:

  • Full-featured Eclipse-based IDE
  • TIBCO StreamBase EventFlow™ visual programming language
  • Development tools that support a full development cycle

See TIBCO StreamBase in Action

TIBCO StreamBase enables rapid development and deployment of event-driven applications for Fast Data at reduced risks and cost of alternatives.

Drag and drop a few icons, connect the flow of events left to right, and set a few properties. Run and test. Done. Watch this demo to get a taste of authoring event-driven applications using TIBCO StreamBase EventFlow, a visual programming language created for event flow processing.

Compared with traditional programming, StreamBase allows you to build applications up to two times as fast. "The time-to-market for all StreamBase projects has usually been two thirds or half the time of other non-StreamBase projects." - Wai Kwok, Senior Software Architect, ConvergEx

Why TIBCO StreamBase?

Enable Fast-paced App Development and Incremental Releases

  • TIBCO StreamBase Studio™, a powerful Eclipse-based integrated development environment for DevOps and IT developers, allows you to quickly build applications for streaming analytics.
  • TIBCO StreamBase EventFlow, a visual programming language created and tailored for real-time event processing, speeds development and iterations.
  • Pre-built data connectivity with 150+ integration points to apps, sensors, and social platforms eliminates custom development. Fully integrated APIs allow integration with C++, Java, and .NET libraries or the extensions you build.
  • Access to Developer Support Program and TIBCO Component Exchange with 100+ reusable components help you make the most of what TIBCO StreamBase offers. 
  • TIBCO StreamBase® FX Dealing Accelerator provides financial institutions and companies using Streaming FX prices with a fast start to building profitable dealing capability, shortening time to market.

Quickly Incorporate Analytical Insight into Production

  • The Streambase EventFlow language empowers business analysts to easily and effectively collaborate with development and other IT staff.
  • Both developers and business stakeholders can contribute their strengths to their most pressing problems, accelerating the analytical process.
  • Integration of R and TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR) with TIBCO StreamBase EventFlow allows faster processing of streaming events that leverages predictive analytics.
  • Data connectivity with 150+ integration points provides more comprehensive input to improve detection of significant events. TIBCO® Live Datamart allows business stakeholders to visualize intelligence generated with the StreamBase application and, if needed, override automated decisions in real time.

Ensure Solid Performance — and Peace of Mind 

  • TIBCO StreamBase Server, a multi-threaded event server, handles immense throughput at very low latencies.
  • Multi-core computing power in TIBCO StreamBase Server enables custom high availability/fault tolerance patterns that suit your application needs.
  • TIBCO StreamBase EventFlow offers easy-to-configure concurrency and multiplicity in application code to increase scalability without programming errors.
  • Programmers do not need to deal with the native operating system's threading model since it is all encapsulated.

Leader in Big Data Streaming Analytics

Forrester Research has named TIBCO a Leader in Big Data Streaming Analytics in Q3, 2014 for the following unique capabilities:

  • Simple, intuitive user interface for high usability
  • Development tools and implementation support
  • Real-time analytics performance
  • Unique live interactive data mart

Download the Forrester Wave report, Big Data Streaming Analytics Platforms, Q3 2014.

Success Story

Learn how TXODDS, a global supplier of real-time betting data, integrates live data in the TIBCO Fast Data platform, aggregates and analyzes it for real-time sports betting odds, and quickly delivers high-value information to its clients.

TIBCO StreamBase automates what would usually be an internal process on the client side, allowing TXODDS clients to focus on managing markets and transactions.

"Speed of innovation is now much quicker using the TIBCO platform. With TIBCO, we can just offer it — have an idea, go into testing and have a new product within a couple of days. It's a perfect concept, already a deliverable." — Einar Knobel, CEO, TXODDS

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