TIBCO BusinessEvents®


Fast Data Enables Digital Leadership

In the emerging digital world, where billions of people, things, and devices interact in real time, organizations must create new and disruptive competitive advantages to drive revenue and efficiency. This is digital business.

TIBCO Event Processing is a key component of its Fast Data platform that delivers on the requirements of digital business, allowing you to:

  • Collect data from various sources
  • Understand the meaning of this data and its context
  • Identify and act on critical business moments

With TIBCO BusinessEvents®, you can correlate and find the important events in a deluge of data, minimize decision latency, and respond in the moment to bring about a favorable business outcome.

Event Processing: Act On "Critical Business Moments"

Every business has critical business moments, when opportunities need to be identified or threats avoided. Recognizing, understanding, and reacting to these moments is essential to the success of a digital business.

TIBCO BusinessEvents gives you the ability to process events by detecting and responding to data from hundreds of internal and external sources in real time and generate actionable insights from it. See how companies use this real-time intelligence as part of their competitive strategy.


It is overwhelming to think of building distributed, stateful, rule-based systems from scratch. But doing so with TIBCO BusinessEvents is unique. It provides a framework that simplifies the development process, much like J2EE environments for building Java applications.

Feature highlights:

  • Eclipse-based integrated development environment
  • Model-driven environment, including support for concept, state, and process models
  • Integration with TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR) for predictive analytics
  • Graphical editors for development of business and rule logic
  • Distributed in-memory data grid for object management
  • Open APIs


To build a distributed, event-driven application for detecting real-time business moments, I would have to: (1) start from scratch; (2) prepare for a complex, time-consuming project.


Neither is true when you use a platform that can jumpstart your initiative with the environment and services required for today's scalable, message-driven, responsive, and elastic systems: TIBCO BusinessEvents.

From design through development and deployment, see how quickly and easily systems can be created. Download TIBCO BusinessEvents today.

Business Analysts

With TIBCO BusinessEvents you can focus on your job instead of technical complexity. A simple web-browser interface saves time by supplying the user-friendly functionality that business users need.

Feature highlights:

  • Decision tables
  • Business rules
  • Rules management with BRMS
  • State machines for modeling entity lifecycles
  • Process orchestration
  • Impact analysis
  • Powerful forward-chain rules engine
  • Integrated data grid


If I want to use rules and event-processing techniques, I either need coding skills or IT to do it for me.


Neither is true with a system that lets you focus on creating value for your organization by crafting logic in a language you understand.

Download TIBCO BusinessEvents today to see how easy it is to develop business logic without coding.


Download TIBCO BusinessEvents® today!

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