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Enabling Your Digital Business Through APIs

API Management

APIs are being widely embraced as an enabler of digital businesses.  Companies in Financial Services, Retail, Travel, Health Care, and other industries are all leveraging APIs to rapidly deliver innovative products to market and to reach new customers through new channels.  But this doesn’t happen by accident – or by magic. You must understand how APIs apply differently to varying business scenarios and competitive dynamics. You must take a new view of how your organization sees its business and strategy. And you must understand how API design and business strategy are intertwined.Learn More.

How IoT Analytics can Drive Competitive Advantage


Digital intelligence is the convergence of analytics with real-time data and business processes to drive competitive advantage. Today, sensors are monitoring machines on the factory floor, assets in the oilfield, data center systems, tracking ships and inventory, helping businesses gain productivity and become even more efficient. The Internet of Things (IoT) is fundamentally shifting industry dynamics. Connected things and digital networks are enabling big data analytics to push data-driven decision-making to new frontiers. Real-time and in-context analytics is how these new digital organizations can deliver game changing advantage, along with a new approach to business process management that can seize and act on digital moments to improve the customer experience, grow revenues and improve operational efficiency. Learn More.

Going To Cloud? Here’s What You’ll Change And Why


Enterprise technology leaders now see the cloud as the best platform for digital business. The move to cloud is on. To gain the full benefits of the new platform, application delivery teams will change how they structure and deliver apps, as well as their app strategies, sourcing practices, organizational structures and budgeting and accounting. Learn More.

Destination Digital: Stepping into the Digital Age


Becoming a digital business is critical to thriving and surviving in today's economy. But the journey is not a simple one. It requires a combination of adopting a host of new technologies as a digital foundation, mastering the digital transformation in a way that makes you much more agile, and delivering new types of applications that improve the customer experience, generate new revenues or improve business operations by acting on all these new types of information including social, mobile, cloud, Big Data, and IoT. Learn More.