In today's competitive marketplace even a few microseconds can feel like an eternity. What if you could maximize the ROI from existing IT investments while competing near the speed of light? What if you could drastically reduce your time to insight with big data using intuitive analytics?

Ever-shrinking decision windows, rapid evolution of technology, and unprecedented amounts of big data are some of the key challenges your IT infrastructure will have to address in the 21st century. TIBCO pioneered the concept of an information bus used with our messaging and integration software to digitized Wall Street. Innovations in software, hardware, and networks continue to push the performance envelope in low latency trading applications and IT infrastructure. Untraditional, revolutionary data analysis and visualization capabilities can take you further than any other product in the market while seamlessly layered on top of your existing infrastructure. At TIBCO, we leverage those innovations to build a real-time software infrastructure platform that can transform your business into an Event-Enabled Enterprise.

At The Booth

Visit TIBCO at the upcoming SIFMA Tech Expo 2012 in New York City (Booth # 2204). We will showcase:

High-Perfomance Messaging

  • TIBCO FTL®: Built from the ground up for extreme-performance, TIBCO FTL enables data distribution that is 40% faster than the competition. We will showcase the latest performance benchmarks with TIBCO FTL running on Intel Sandy Bridge and PCIe Gen. 3 hardware.
  • TIBCO Web Messaging: HTML5 is revolutionizing the web as we know it. TIBCO Web Messaging, built on HTML5 WebSocket technology, enables development of high performance web and mobile applications.

Visual Analytics with TIBCO Spotfire

  • Risk Management: Spot trends, outliers, and assess relationships across key data attributes in the risk mode by providing the fastest path to actionable insight.
  • Anti-Money Laundering: Understand transactional alerts and identify money laundering by providing visibility into the unknown and dimension-free data exploration.
  • Portfolio Management: Find over and under performing stocks and sectors in order to track a portfolio, identify new investment opportunities, and liquidate existing holdings which give the user a predictive and event-driven environment.

For more information please contact Eric Durham at 407-201-8013.