With 12 of the top 25 global insurance companies among our customers, TIBCO has a long history of innovation within the insurance industry. Keeping with tradition, our social enterprise platform – tibbr® – continues to revolutionize the way businesses work, collaborate, learn, and share.

What makes tibbr unique? It simplifies internal collaboration by allowing employees to seamlessly connect with each other – and interact with information in any system. tibbr users can create and follow subjects that are important to them – cutting down non-relevant information and enabling a centralized workspace that encourages information sharing and collaboration.

Key features:

  • Follow Subjects: Subscribe to topics, groups or projects that are relevant to you and tune out the noise
  • Profiles: Integrates with your company's active directory, enabling you to connect with colleagues faster
  • Video Conferencing: Collaborate in real time with colleagues around the world with tibCast, tibbr's add-on video conferencing technology
  • Life Streams: Access your latest social networking feeds without leaving the interface
  • Mobile: Access tibbr's enterprise social network from native apps on the iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry
  • SharePoint Integration: Share and upload documents to and from Microsoft SharePoint, bringing relevant content into a collaborative context

Learn how companies are using tibbr to get better work done faster:

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