Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit

Staying competitive in the era of big data requires instant awareness and action. For organizations, this means understanding and acting on large volumes of fast-moving data โ€“ enabling systems and users to capture, understand, and apply data-driven insight in ways that provide the most value to the organization.

Essential to realizing this: enterprise architecture. Connecting business objectives and processes to the supporting applications, services, and technical infrastructure, it serves as the foundation that is critical to enabling information reuse across the enterprise.

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Visit us at booth #206 in the solutions showcase to learn how you can harness technology and EA to deliver greater value to your organization.

Also be sure to catch Principal Software Architect Paul Brown speak on Wednesday, June 4 โ€“ 3:15PM โ€“ 4:00PM:

  • When Offense is the Best Defense: Strategies for Averting Accidental Architecture
    No one plans to fail. Those who fail to plan in the world of IT architecture, however, are at greater risk. An infrastructure will be as fragmented as the methodology from which it as assembled. Built on-the-fly without consideration for overarching structure, a whole mess of costly trouble and rework is likely sure to follow as an organization and demands for performance grow.
  • In this session, explore the causes of 'accidental architecture' and how you can get ahead of them to ensure initial time, effort, and investments don't go to waste. Also learn: strategies for tackling fragmentation, best practices proven to accelerate time-to-benefit, and methods for expanding systematically in ways that reduce the likelihood project success will be short-lived and ensure they translate into larger successes for the enterprise.

For more details surrounding the event, please visit Gartner 2014 Enterprise Architecture Summit.