Collect, Connect, and Act On Key Events in Real Time

Union Pacific uses TIBCO’s event processing to power automatic, dynamic scheduling that responds to real-time data – keeping 8,000 trains running on time.

To thrive in the 21st century, you need to make sense of the burgeoning interactions across your business and respond instantly – whether it's scheduling trains, delivering a personalized real-time offer, avoiding a blackout, or identifying fraud.

Connect the Dots Between Events, Opportunities, and Risks

Hidden within today's staggering quantities of data are patterns that reveal opportunities and risk. TIBCO's complex event processing seeks out significant events and patterns happening throughout your organization by correlating huge amounts of historical data with events as they occur in the present. By collecting, connecting, and graphically representing events, TIBCO's event processing helps you find important moments – like short-lived opportunities for an upsell, or a chance to take pre-emptive action to avoid a future crisis – that previously would have remained hidden.

Enable Intelligent, Real-Time Action

When a key event or pattern is recognized, event processing uses your custom business rules to respond with an immediate system action, or instantly sends relevant information to the right human decision maker for analysis and action. This enables rapid responses to capture potential opportunities as well as to avert risk.

TIBCO's event processing capitalizes on the value of a real-time infrastructure and is a key to the two-second advantage™ – delivering the right information to the right place at the right time.