Scale the IT You Need, When You Need It

Bankinter, a leading Spanish financial services firm, utilizes elastic computing capacity to analyze loan portfolios 100 times faster with TIBCO's cloud technology and Amazon Web Services™ – helping them accelerate the modeling and simulation of loan portfolios and mitigate risk.

Your organization's demand for and usage of applications is more variable than ever, influenced by business cycles, promotions, product releases, and external events. The challenge for IT is optimizing infrastructure resources for both cost and service-level requirements in this environment.

Run Your Software in the Cloud

TIBCO Silver® is a single platform for public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. TIBCO Silver enables you to package your most complex software applications for the cloud and dynamically provision and scale all your services up or down based on fluctuating business demand. With TIBCO Silver's self-service interface, developers can create and deploy applications in minutes.

Build and Manage Your Own Private Cloud

With our cloud management server, you can create a private cloud to run TIBCO infrastructure software. By combining the automation, self-service, and elasticity of the public cloud with the control and security of your own data center, a Silver-powered private cloud improves time-to-market and agility for TIBCO-based projects

TIBCO Silver cloud-enablement software has been designed with the flexibility and control to scale elastically, optimize service levels, improve agility, and contain costs – meeting the challenges of the 21st century and helping you achieve the two-second advantage™.