Who We Are

TIBCO is a fast-paced infrastructure software company. We take pride in our start-up culture, and after nearly two decades, still have speed and agility. Our people thrive because they want to make a difference while doing work they are passionate about. TIBCO people enjoy collaborating to bring big ideas to life and seek opportunities to truly be challenged.

Core Values

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TIBCO's Purpose

TIBCO's purpose is to innovate software technology to create value for our customers. We provide solutions that enable our customers to connect their business applications, data, and processes and gain actionable insights into their data.

Strategic Anchors


Customer Impact

Our customers include more than 75 of the world's 100 largest companies. Our success is illustrated by the types of customers we serve and the importance of the problems we help solve. Here's one example: 

BroadReach Healthcare is a global healthcare solutions company that broadens access to health in emerging economies and underserved populations. In partnership with governments, communities, and major donors, it manages large-scale, multi-year projects that strengthen health systems. In 2014, BroadReach unveiled its Health Command Centre for Africa, an innovative online platform that supports decision-making using TIBCO Spotfire® analytics and advanced data visualization.

“Our staff and our customers—who are usually donors like USAID or the South African government—now have information at their fingertips to make decisions they could never make before. That’s the biggest business benefit: we empower people to make the best decisions possible.”  

John Sargent, Founding Partner, BroadReach Healthcare