Life at TIBCO

At TIBCO, we take tremendous pride in our team and our commitment to living our core values every day - Together, Innovative, Bold, Customer-focused, Optimistic! We’re dedicated to ensuring that our team thrives within and beyond the workplace. Our investment in career and professional development is designed to facilitate accountability and excellence to the communities and clients we serve.

Learning & Development

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We want our people to keep learning because their growth propels our growth. We encourage employees to seek development both inside and outside of the office. Our Learning & Development team regularly curates and disseminates relevant training materials, and we support employees' participation in conferences and classes that will empower them to perform at their best.



We want our employees to bring their best selves to work. We know this will only happen by empowering them to have flexibility in how and when they work. More, we don't believe that going to work has to feel like work. We want our people to look forward to coming into the office and have created an environment where they can do that.

Rewards & Recognition


TIBCO employees and teams are regularly recognized for their contributions to the business and to the community. At a global level, we provide shared performance incentive compensation, patent awards, sales achievement awards, and other recognition programs. We also provide incentives and pay for high performance to those team members that live our core values every day.


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From national holidays recognized by our local offices to serving Girl Scout cookies and milk to our employees for employee appreciation day, TIBCO continually seeks to implement programs that add value for our people. We look forward to opportunities to celebrate and reinforce success!



TIBCO is committed to the health and well-being of its employees and their families. Our benefits packages are designed to be location specific, and offer a variety of plans so employees can select the options that best fit their needs.

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