Through the acquisition of complementary businesses, products and technologies, TIBCO continues to accelerate innovation and deliver best-in-class solutions to its customers. The following companies and products extend and enhance TIBCO’s portfolio of infrastructure software offerings.


Established in 2006, Mashery pioneered API management. The company was founded to help customers take advantage of APIs to build new revenue channels, speed time to market, and spur innovation. Mashery’s unique multi-tenant SaaS platform powers the APIs of more than 200 top brands. With this acquisition, TIBCO expands its API management solutions to help enterprises transform into digital businesses, integrate more channels for new services and experiences, and empower developers to accelerate innovation.
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Jaspersoft is a market leader in the embedded analytics market for enterprise and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. The acquisition accelerates TIBCO's expansion into embedded business intelligence and reporting, giving TIBCO the broad portfolio needed to address the two fastest growing segments of the business intelligence market. Jaspersoft also complements the TIBCO Spotfire go-to-market approach through the use of a commercial open source business model. The current Jaspersoft management team and employees will join TIBCO and continue to pursue the Jaspersoft commercial open source strategy, product roadmap and low cost, subscription-pricing approach.
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Extended Results

Extended Results is a provider of mobile business intelligence software and services. Extended Results makes business intelligence personal by presenting up-to-date key performance indicators on virtually any mobile device, whether online or offline. By combining Extended Results' mobile business intelligence technology with Spotfire's analytics and data discovery platform, TIBCO will enable executives, operational managers, and employees in the field to manage by exception and take action immediately when critical business metrics change.
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StreamBase Systems

StreamBase Systems is a provider of high-performance, event-processing and real-time analytics software. StreamBase enables companies to rapidly build, test, and deploy real-time streaming big data applications. With StreamBase, TIBCO adds streaming capabilities to its existing event-processing portfolio and market-leading strengths in handling rules-driven scenarios, inferencing models, and transaction processing.
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Maporama Solutions

Maporama Solutions combines the strengths of geographic information and business intelligence to add value to enterprise data, assist decision making, optimize resource allocation and match supply with demand in the context of location. With more than 12 years of experience, Maporama occupies a unique position among Location Intelligence specialists, focusing on the "geovisualization" of business data.
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LogLogic is one of the industry's leading scalable log and security intelligence platforms specifically designed for the enterprise and cloud. LogLogic gives enterprises the benefits of both Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Log Management in a single, highly scalable architecture. This architecture enables users to collect and analyze terabytes of big data generated by all of their IT assets and gives security, IT operations, and compliance professionals actionable information with seconds, not minutes. LogLogic expands TIBCO's operational intelligence offerings while providing customers the ability to proactively monitor real-time events, address 21st century security threats, optimize server and website performance, troubleshoot their network, remain compliant with regulations and harness opportunities often associated with 'Big Data'.
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Nimbus Partners is a provider of business process discovery and analysis applications that help companies drive adoption of business process initiatives. Nimbus allows business users to collaboratively describe and document all aspects of a business – from operational best practices to organizational and system models. These are combined with robust governance capabilities that can deliver a process-focused "Intelligent Operations Manual" across the enterprise, linked to supporting data and systems. Nimbus extends TIBCO's range of business process improvement and social collaboration solutions.
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Loyalty Lab

Loyalty Lab is an independent provider of customer loyalty management solutions, which allow marketers to manage world-class loyalty marketing programs from their desktop. Loyalty Lab's software-as-a-service offering provides a flexible platform and a broad stable of open APIs, enabling loyalty program design without customization and allowing marketers to focus their attention on motivating improvements in retention, frequency, and advocacy among their customers. Loyalty Lab accelerates TIBCO's growing and international presence in the customer loyalty market.
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OpenSpirit Corporation is an independent provider of data and application integration solutions that assist geologists and geophysicists in gathering data from multiple sources for determining the likelihood of finding oil, gas, or condensates. OpenSpirit strengthens TIBCO's capabilities in the exploration and production segment of the global oil and gas market.
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Proginet is a provider of multi-platform software solutions for fast, secure file transfers both inside and outside the enterprise via an on-premise or cloud-based deployment model. As the volumes and size of file transfers continue to grow exponentially, organizations continue to struggle to secure, control and manage that information in a reliable manner. Proginet is a recognized leader and innovator in moving file data efficiently, and the combination of Proginet with TIBCO’s core integration offerings will help customers across industries manage the information and processes that run their business.
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Kabira Technologies is a supplier of in-memory transactional platforms that power some of the world's largest financial and telecommunications enterprises. Delivering extreme transaction processing (XTP) functionality, Kabira brings to TIBCO enhanced capabilities in the area of low latency, as well as high performance transactional applications that leverage real-time data and event integration.
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Netrics is a provider of enterprise data matching software products with powerful algorithms that enable intelligent searching of events and data – whether on-premise or in the cloud. Netrics' technology complements TIBCO's data governance, master data management and event-driven solutions.
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Foresight Corporation is a provider of transaction automation solutions and electronic data interchange (EDI) productivity tools. With 20+ years of deep expertise and a portfolio of EDI products, Foresight brings TIBCO a greater focus in the U.S. healthcare market - especially among payers, with clients covering over 50 million lives. TIBCO and Foresight combined offerings support and validate transactions across a range of standards, helping clients prepare for HIPAA 5010, providing an essential component for ICD-10 testing, and complementing TIBCO's core B2B abilities.
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DataSynapse is a leader in enterprise grid and cloud computing software. With a strong roster of more than 100 financial services and telecommunications clients, DataSynapse complements TIBCO's existing business in two ways: first, its grid computing technology extends TIBCO's expertise in high-performance solutions with a platform to support compute-intensive applications; and second, DataSynapse offers service and application virtualization technology that complements TIBCO's larger efforts in the cloud.
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